Thursday, October 30, 2014

What's The Best Way To Pick Citrus?

If you're lucky enough to live in Florida this time of year, you'll know it's time to pick some citrus.  Yeah!

Best way to harvest grapefruit, organic, and all citrus

Digger's Tip Of The Day

As the lovely picture above suggests, the way to pick grapefruit, oranges, etc is:

  • Bend the fruit up
  • Invert
  • Then Twist and Shout Pull!
We're enjoying some freshly bend-ed, inverted, twisted and pulled grapefruit even as we speak.  All grown organically and without pesticides, of course.  Yummy....

Organic Fertilizers For Citrus

Citrus takes best with organic fertilizers
Citrus tastes better when fertilized organically.

Increase yields and improve flavor with Pure Black Castings and VermaPlex , certified organic, OMRI listed fertilizers for lawns, gardens, and orchards.


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