Thursday, June 5, 2014

Self-Watering Container Garden Improvements

Flash:  Old dog learns new container gardening tricks.
Originally posted 10-28-09

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Self-Watering Container Pot Improvement

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but I'm here to say that ole' Bill is still learning.  Why, just the other day he learned that we should have put a sheet of landscape cloth in between the potting soil and the water reservoir in our Self-Watering Container Garden Pots.  
The landscape cloth will keep the plants roots from growing through the holes and into the water reservoir, thereby plugging up the water wicking process. Duh!
Our extensive root system plants, like tomatoes and watermelons, will more than likely, sooner or later, suffer from this fate.  As a matter of fact, the watermelons, after growing like crazy and producing some very promising looking fruit, suddenly started dropping leaves up close to the soil and the fruit itself was getting no bigger.  When we pulled out the plant yesterday, sure enough, there were roots growing down into the reservoir.  Nuts!

Watermelon in Self-watering garden
    Watermelon in Self-Watering Container Pot

The vine looks terrific, but look up next to the blue container, you can see the naked vines.  So much promise. Sigh!

Always optimistic, never deterred, Bill just sucked it up and headed for Lowe's to purchase landscaping cloth for our next planting.  May the Green God of Bountiful Harvest be with him.  Amen!

Meanwhile, I'm off to play with my new toy  -  a half-grown, unripe watermelon.  Yeah!

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