Thursday, June 5, 2014

New Vertical Garden

Vertical container gardening
A great idea to provide sun shade for our new vertical container garden.
Originally posted 12-28-12

Organic container gardening fertilizers

 Pure Black Castings            VermaPlex             VermaMax

We've been quiet for a while, and with good reason.  More on that later.

Vertical Garden Yurt

Here's what ol' Bill's been up to:  building a Yurt to house our vegetable garden... Vertical Vegetable Garden to be exact.  We added shade cloth for our intense Florida sun and frost cloth for our untimely Florida frosts.  This protection should extend our growing season considerably.  Besides, ol' Bill just wanted to build a yurt.

Shade yurt for our vertical container garden

Hydroponic Vertical Garden

What's more, we're going to make it hydroponic, using organic VermaPlex® as the liquid fertilizer and perlite as the soilless growing medium.  Check back for our progress often.  Ol' Bill is chomping at the bit.

Vertical Gardening Supplies:

VermaPlex - great for hydroponics.

Pure Black Castings™:  Certified Organic Worm Castings created using only organic materials.
VermaMax®:  Chicken Litter organically composted using VermaPlex®. Add to potting soil mix.
VermaPlex®:  Created from Certified Organic Pure Black Castings™.  Add to your hydroponic water supply for continuous feeding.
Organic Fertilizer Information: Find use/application guides at Monroe Works.

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