Thursday, June 5, 2014

More Vertical Garden Updates

Yurt shade for our vertical garden
Ol' Bill's working on his vertical garden.  I'm working on my chew bone...

Originally posted 1-15-13

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Vertical Garden Improvements

Despite the unusual heat we're having for January, ol' Bill's been hard at work on his shade yurt for our vertical garden.  After putting up the yurt, we decided we should  add landscape edgers under the wooden legs to prevent them from rotting.

This is another project that could have been done before setting up the yurt, but we would have missed out on all that huffin' and puffin' to shove those babies underneath.  I observed it all from the shady side.

Vertical garden in the shade yurt

After loosening the tie-downs, Ol' Bill pried up the supports while Kayce shoved under the blocks.  I, as stated above, watched intently from the shade.

Finishing touches to our shade yurt
The flexibility of the yurt allowed each section to be lifted without harming the structure.  Once the blocks were in place and the supports adjusted until all were settled, the tie-downs were... well... tied down.

How we shaded our vertical garden

And, behold, all is supported, not a board out of whack.  Can't say the same for ol' Bill's back.
(No rhyme intended).

Next:  Ground cloth and mulch.

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