Thursday, June 5, 2014

Vegetable Garden Project

Fall Garden Container Garden
Don't you just love new garden projects?  Here's one for our "too much sun" problem.

Originally posted 10-4-11

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Container gardening with self-watering pots
Digger's fall garden project

New Strategy for Our Fall Garden

Ol' Bill's been's working feverishly on his new garden project.  If you've been following my blog (you have been following faithfully, haven't you?) we've struggled with our garden due to the area's weird weather patterns.

The "shade yurt" is just about ready to set up, just in time for unpredictable October. 

Shade Gardening

Our Central Florida weather similar to Louisiana and Texas:  Relatively mild winters with occasional freezes; early/late frosts and early/late heat.  The summers can get hot early and do the tomatoes in before the fruit ripens.  An early frost can wipe out young plants in the fall garden; a late frost can wipe out young plants in the spring.  A mild winter can be a blessing, providing fresh vegetables year long.  A harsh winter can freeze out the hardiest of plants.  Whatever weather we get in any given winter is a crap shoot.

We won't even get into the drought/flooding issues.

Well, ol' Bill has come up with a possible solution.  To protect the plants from sun, frost and freezes, he's building a yurt - a Mongolian portable house.  It's fast,easy and inexpensive to build, so we did.  Or rather, ol' Bill did.  I supervised as usual.

After the yurt is erected, we'll set up a self-watering container garden system in it, cover the yurt with shade cloth and have frost cloth covers at the ready.  Oh Tricky Central Florida Weather, bring it on.

Container garden yurt
Shade Garden Yurt

After construction, we set up the yurt to see how it went together.  Then, we dismantled it and are just finishing up the protective finish.  More to come....

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