Thursday, June 5, 2014

Moving The Garden To The Greenhouse

Did our peppers and cherry tomatoes survive the frost in the greenhouse?
Originally posted 12-08-12

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Unfortunately, we didn't escape the frost after all.  Yes, Jack Frost paid our self-watering container garden a call, taking out the corn and okra.  The tomatoes and peppers made it to the greenhouse just in time.

The Greenhouse Garden

Let's take a look at those peppers and cherry tomatoes:

Pepper plants and tomatoes in the greenhouse
Greenhouse to the Rescue!

One of the good things about container gardening:  the pots are mobile.  We were able to load these pots of cherry tomatoes and green peppers onto our little trailer and take them to the greenhouse without much effort.  For my part, there was absolutely no effort whatsoever, seeing as how I don't actually participate in anything that requires lifting.  I have to save my energy for writing.  Besides, that's why we keep Bill.

Gardening in the Greenhouse

It looks like, out of necessity, an experiment on greenhouse gardening is in the works.  How well will the plants ripen?  How long will the pepper plants and cherry tomato plants keep producing?

Container tomatoes plants in the greenhouse garden
Lots of blooms.

We'll continue adding VermaPlex™ every 14 or so days and try to keep everything warm once we get into the really cold weather of January-February.  Last year we had 3 straight nights of 15 degrees.  That probably doesn't sound like a big deal for you guys in Minnesota, but I can tell you, if you're outside in a dog house without any clothes on, that's as cold as a well diggers you-know-what.  Try it sometime.  On second thought, maybe not.  The neighbors might talk.

We keep the greenhouse warm overnight with a heater or incandescent lights.  Another method is to place black barrels of water inside the greenhouse to solar heat throughout the day, then provide warmth at night.  The greenhouse still heats up during the day, so we open the windows and turn on a fan if needed.

I'm wondering....could we possibly squeeze my dog house into that greenhouse? 

Certified Organic Greenhouse Fertilizer Resources:

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