Thursday, June 5, 2014

Early Spring Garden Update

Spring Has Sprung!  Every thing's turning green.  Things we thought were dead are now alive.   No...not that...that's last year's chew bone I found under a pile of leaves.  It should be about ripe by now.

Originally posted 3-30-10

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Spring Container Garden Update

The phone's been ringing off the hook with folks looking for composting worms and worm fertilizer for their spring gardens.  In between taking care of customers and worms, we've had time toget a few things going for ourselves, like the cabbages, broccoli, collards, and romaine.

Remember how we were "trucking" them around for frost protection?  Well, here they are after about 2 weeks:

Plastic container garden for vegetables
Out'a sight!

We've had salads from the romaine and "soul food" meals from the collards.  If you start trimming off the  young leaves, it will encourage the plant to produce more.  Plus, the leaves are very tender and sweet.  Yum!

We added VermaPlex® to the reservoir when we planted them and again after 14 days.  That's it.

Now that it's warming up and the frost dangers are (almost) over, we're searching for shade.  We put them the morning sun, then move them under the trees after the temps go up before they have a chance to wilt.

The ramada sounds more and more like the answer.  Put the containers under it, cover the frame with plastic or frost cloth when frost threaten, haul out the shade cloth when the sun gets hotter. 

Guess you know what ol' Bill's gonna be doing for his next project.  My project is dismantling this nasty, smelly, beautiful lump of chew bone.  It's a dirty job, but......

Organic Fertilizer Resources:

Pure Black Castings ™:  OMRI listed, certified organic worm castings

VermaPlex ®:  Liquid soil inoculant made from these organic worm castings

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