Thursday, June 5, 2014

Seed Starting Update

Originally posted 5-7-09

Let's see how the Squash and Carrot seed we planted in our organic garden are doing.

Seed Germination

The Squash seeds have popped through.  I'll keep them moist with a light mixture of VermaPlex/water, about 1:80.

Squash seedlings
Looking good!

And...the Carrots....

Starting carrots from seed
We've got carrots!

Carrots are up.  The seed germination only took 3 days.  We'll wait a week or two to thin out.  The fine soil allowed the tiny seeds to push though with little effort.  One advantage to our sandy condtions. 

The Pure Black Worm Castings applied at planting time will slow-release and provide nutrients for the little seedlings.  In two weeks, we'll apply another side dressing and start a spraying regime of 1:20 VermaPlex/water every two weeks (spraying in early morning). The soil is teeming with microbes, doing their thing.

Now, if we can just keep that big rabbit we spotted in the pasture out of the garden.

Your comments or questions are welcomed!

Certified Organic Seedling Fertilizer Resources:

Certified Organic Seedling Fertilizer

Pure Black Castings™:  Certified Organic Worm Castings created using only organic materials.

VermaMax®:  Chicken Litter organically composted using VermaPlex®.

VermaPlex®:  Created from Certified Organic Pure Black Castings™.  Innoculate your garden soil and your compost heap.

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