Thursday, June 5, 2014

Planting Our Fall Garden

Planting our fall garden
We're so lucky.  We get two gardens per year.  Of course, that's twice the work....

Originally posted 9-12-11

Fertilizers for greenhouse gardens
 Pure Black Castings™    VermaPlex®             VermaMax®

Greenhouse gardening
Digger loves fall.

Is that a slight nip in the air?  An imperceptible drop in the humidity?  Are we actually below ninety for a change?  No doubt about it, this summer has been a hot one, but, as usual, times they are a'changing.  It's time (probably past time) to start thinking about the fall garden.

What To Plant In The Fall Garden

Generally, you should plant only cool weather plants.  But, in our area, we can afford to plant some fast maturing warm weather plants like tomatoes and peppers.  Most of you guys should only consider cool weather varieties like broccoli, peas, spinach, kale lettuce, onions and radishes.

We happen to have a jump start on our fall garden.  Amazingly, when we trimmed back our peppers in the green house, they came back and are producing new blooms and fruit even as we speak.  Since they are in the green house, we can probably keep these babies going throughout the winter.  Want that be nice.

Setting up fall greenhouse garden
Ready for the fall garden.

Moving peppers to the greenhouse
Bonus fall peppers

Fertilizing Our Self-Watering Containers

To add fertilizer to our self-watering containers without having to dump out the potting soil mix, ol' Bill poked a couple of holes down into the soil of each bucket with a sail making tool (can't think of the name, it's a tapered stick) much like fertilizing around a tree or shrub.  He filled these holes with worm castings, then drenched with VermaPlex®.

Other Fall Garden Plantings

The other self container garden  (which ol' Bill fertilized the same as above) is going to be moved into our newly constructed (almost finished) "yurt".  This structure, meant for our summer garden, will make it easy for us to cover with frost cloth should we get one of those early October frosts like last year.  And, because of our schizophrenic weather, we can put on the shade cloth for a late October heat wave.  I told you our weather here in Central Florida was a challenge for gardening.

Yurt pics next.

Fall Garden Resources:

Certified organic worm castings and liquid for fall gardening

Fertilizers:  Pure Black Castings™, VermaPlex®, VermaMax®

Vermicomposting:  Make your own worm castings fertilizers with earthworms.

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