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Organic Turf Care

Organic Turf Grass Care

Finally! Going back to organic methods of turf/grass management. It's better, it's cheaper....

Originally posted 11-26-13

Organic Turf Grass Management
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Here's an interesting bit of history: Before 1950, all school sports fields were cared for organically.  Only after World War II, when chemical companies began to push into the agricultural, consumer and municipality markets, did sports field care switch from organic to chemical. And you thought  we always got our fertilizers from a lab!

No, sadly, the switch was on until, by 1990, close to 90% of school, university, and municipal turf fields were being treated with chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. The chemical method was thought to be cheaper, easier and (strangely) better.

Of course, we know better now, don't we?  It may have been cheaper then, but not so now. And it was - by no way shape, form, nor fashion - better.  Fortunately, the tide (no reference to Alabama intended) has turned back in the other direction. What was once old is new again.  Why, you might say organic gardening methods have become mainstream. 

Many universities are offering organic turf management courses. And most chemical fertilizer companies now offer an organic alternative as the demand for organic lawn care methods has grown.  The reasons are clear.  Organic lawn care:
  • Is safer and non-toxic
  • Is cheaper, in the long run AND the short run
  • Uses less water due to deeper roots and better water retention
I mean, sports fields are played upon, rolled over, spread on our skin and up our noses.  We eat this stuff, whether we're winning the game or getting our a** beaten.  Our kids are out there, for heaven's sake.  Doesn't it make sense to think about what we're treating the grass with?  Shouldn't we be trying to limit the poison we and our kids are exposed to?  Ya think?

Fortunately, organic fertilizer is no longer relegated to the fringes - the "tree huggers" and aging hippy "back-to-the-lander's".  It's catching on with schools, organizations, and municipalities. Organic grass and turf fertilizers are easier to find, their cheaper to use, and they're good for us and our soils.   So get with it and consider a switch to organic turf care.

Organic Turf Care Resources:

Certified Organic Turf Fertilizers
Pure Black Castings and VermaPlex Combo: Certified organic, safe, non-toxic.

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