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Organic Gardening - Saving the Planet

Saving the planet one garden at a time
Ol' Bill

Going green. One garden at a time.
Originally posted 7-12-11

Be eco-friendly, use organic fertilizers
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One Garden At A Time

Think that "going green" is revolutionary?  Did you know there was a time, not so long ago, when all farming and gardening was done organically?

Gradually, chemical fertilizers became the accepted way of farming and gardening.  It was quick and easy.  And, once upon a time, cheap.

The fact is, chemical fertilizer exhausts the soil, destroys the microbes, depletes the micro-nutrients, and diminishes the "tilth".  The result?  Dead soil.

And now, with the new "peak oil" reality, chemical fertilizers are no longer cheap.  Isn't it time to stop the madness? Isn't it time to change the same-old-ways of doing things?  Isn't it time to get "back to the future"?

Imagine, as you're gardening, using organic methods and applying organic fertilizers like compost, manures, and worm castings, what is actually happening.  You're replenishing the soil, restoring the microbes, returning the micro-nutrients, increasing the "tilth", and, yes,...... saving the planet.

So go ahead, be a revolutionary. "Go green"!

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  1. Very significant and useful topic you planted here. Yeah, using chemical fertilizers has become the common and cheap way of gardening. Actually, most of us are not aware of the facts of losing fertility of soil. I am pleased you explained the gradual result of using chemical fertilizer and benefits of making our garden in an organic way This was really a good and useful read definitely. Thank you very much for publishing such a earth saving Organic Garden method. I appreciate your wholesome work.