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Organic Gardening Is Catching On

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Going Green is becoming mainstream.  Here's some news about organic gardening....

Originally post 6-28-09

The Obama family starting their own organic garden at the White House was an indicator on how the home gardening movement is sweeping the planet.

Below are some links to interesting news articles from around the world.

Organic Gardening News

There's a "significant and growing movement occurring" not only on the island of Kaua'i, but also globally.

As concerns about our food supply and the growing problems in our food systems, more people of diverse backgrounds are taking an active interest in gardening.  Growing organically is becoming the method of choice in the resurgence of home gardening.
  • Organic Garden Cultivates Community

    Here's one resident of Fresno who turned a bare, vacant lot into a "thriving organic farm".

    His garden plot is now providing fresh fruits and vegetables to a poor neighborhood.  These residents  often don't have access to fresh produce and are surrounded by "fast food".

    "I wanted something the community could be proud of, a kind of community garden," this city farmer said.  "You know where it's grown, you know where it came from and it's a good product at a fair price."  I hope the city is encouraging him in his efforts that are obviously a great benefit to his community.

Organic Fertilizer News

  • Chemical Fertilizer vs. Organic Fertilizer

    Agribusinesses are taking a hit in the image department of late, with media of all kinds portraying them as the new villains.

    In response to the latest documentary film "Food, Inc.", which portrays corporations as more concerned with profits than with health, agribusiness are spinning back with a media blitz of their own.

    "I would like to invite those people coming out of that film to come down and visit our farm and look at the crops we raise, the animals we raise,"  said Kevin Papp, president of the Minnesota Frm Bureau.  "Those of us in agriculture, we need to do a better job of making that connection with the consumers.  We've got nothing to hide."

    Monsanto, which just launched a new website to improve it's image, argues that "the growing demand for food will require conventional farming with fertilizers, herbicides and genetically modified seeds."

    I would venture to say that the growing interest in locally grown food using organic fertilizers may indicate quite a different solution to our growing food demand and quality problems.
  • Retirement Community Prefers Organic Fertilizer

    Residents at this Fort Myers, Florida retirement community are not only getting plenty of exercise, they're producing healthy fruits and vegetables from their organically grown garden plot.

    They're using organic fertilizers over chemical fertilizers and are getting good results.

    The garden is tying the residents together in a common interest, even after death.  After one resident died, another continued to care for his plot, "because I know how much it meant to him."
Organic gardening, it's good for the soul as well as the body.

Organic Gardening Resources:

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