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Organic Fertilizer - "Going Green" Around The World

Going Green with Organic worm castings fertilizer
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Originally posted 6-20-09

Digger's taking a break so I can give you some news about the global "green movement" in, of all places, China. 

China Pushes Green-Technology 

You know it's for real when you hear oppressive regimes like China are embracing the "green movement".

Due to the severe pollution problems the country faces, the Chinese government is implementing a flurry of environmental directives aimed at solving the countries growing problems, both economic and health related.

China's so-called "Green GDP" is an index of economic growth that factors in the environmental costs of growth, such as pollution. Chinese officials are using this index and enforcing directives to reduce pollution and give the country an edge over te West in "green technologies". 

By implementing "green tech" into the manufacturing of products and in transportation, the government hopes to nip-in-the-bud  social unrest that could result if major health problems from severe pollution and layoffs from the global downturn aren't addressed.

Organic Fertilizer Included in China's "Green Movement"

Along with sweeping changes towards cleaner fuels and reduced industry pollution, China is focusing on organic fertilizers.  There has been increased demand for organic fertilizer in China because of the "degradation of farm land from chemical pollution, shortages in arable land and the need to produce healthier crops for China's growing population." 
Read the full article on how organic methods  figure in  China's efforts to fix they're impending environmental disaster and become the leader in "green" businesses.

Going Green Starts At Home

Maybe we should take a lesson from the Chinese.  Why wait until we pollute our country to the point of a health crises?   We can all contribute to the "greening" of America by switching to organic fertilizers and practices.  What's good for Mother Earth is, after all , good for us.
- by Kayce

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