Thursday, June 5, 2014

Organic Farmers Needed

Organic vegetables are in high demand
Hey, Entrepreneurs. Looking for a product in high demand?  Organic anything is in high demand.

Originally posted 9-19-11

Certified organic fertilizers for your organic vegetables
Pure Black Castings™             VermaPlex®         VermaMax®

Organic farming is a sustainable business
Digger is certified organic!

Organic Farming Research Foundation Report

(huff...puff...pant...) News hot off the ticker.  I left a perfectly delicious chew bone to do a quick news post:  A report released today by OFRF  gives evidence on the benefits of organic farming.  It also reveals a bright possibility for those of you looking for a lucrative career choice in our struggling economy and shrinking job market. Read on while I rest..... (and chew)...

Increased Demand For Organic Products

Because of increased demand for organic products, the report urges more public resources be directed towards programs supporting organic farming.   That current support can only be described as "modest" and does not reflect the reality of the growing demand for organic products.

Organic Farming Is Beneficial

Further, the report reveals what we've suspected all along: Organic farming practices are tremendously beneficial to consumers, farmers, the economy, and the environment.  It also urges more research be done on this growing market.

Did you know that for this ever increasing clamor for organically grown products, there are currently only 14,500 certified organic farmers who are struggling to supply the demand?

So what does  the increasing demand for organic products, the limited number of certified organic growers, and the call for more Congressional initiciatives in the upcoming Farm Bill mean? Organic farming is becoming an increasingly attractive option for struggling entrepreneurs looking for a viable business with tremendous demand.

Certified Organic Fertilizers

In order to be produce certified organic products, certified organic fertilizers are required.  For farmers seeking organic certification, the following worm-based fertilizers are accepted.:

Certified organic fertilizers for blueberries
Pure Black Castings ™:  Certified organic, OMRI listed 99.9% pure worm castings

VermaPlex ®: Liquid soil inoculant made from these organic worm castings

VermaMax®: Organically composted chicken litter.  For extra nitrogen and 6% Calcium.

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