Thursday, June 5, 2014

Help for Bamboo Plants

Originally posted 4-28-09

Can This Bamboo Plant Be Saved?

Here is North Central Florida, we had an unusually cold winter, with several nights in a row below 20 degrees.  Looks like our bamboo plants we have been trying to grow for shade were seriously damaged.  The finaly blow was a late frost just before Easter that killed the small shoots that were just trying to emerge.

This is what we're left with:

Fertilizing bamboo with worm castings

Pretty sad, huh?

All is Not Lost

Upon closer inspection, you can see the bamboo plant isn't  completely dead.  There's a little green still left at the bottom of a stalk:
Vermicompost bamboo fertilizer

Is there enough life to survive? Hopefully, there's a healthy root system still there and all the bamboo needs is a little help.  Maybe an application of worm castings, a little extra nitrogen (coffee grounds act as a seed meal), and a healthy dose of microbes will do the trick.

I'm pulling back the mulch, adding a couple of handfuls  Pure Black Castings and some coffee grounds for good measure, wetting down with a 1:20 VermaPlex/water mixture, crossing my fingers, and praying.

We'll check back in a few days to see if there's any progress.

Certified Organic Bamboo Fertilizer Resources:

Certified organic fertilizer for bamboo

Pure Black Castings™:  Certified Organic Worm Castings created using only organic materials.

VermaMax®:  Chicken Litter organically composted using VermaPlex®.

VermaPlex®:  Created from Certified Organic Pure Black Castings™.  Innoculate your garden soil and your compost heap.

Organic Fertilizer Information: Find use/application guides at Monroe Works

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