Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bamboo Growing Progress

Fertilizing and growing bamboo organically
We're fond of bamboo around here.  It looks like we're getting the hang of growing it.

Originally posted 9-15-11

Grow bamboo with organic worm castings fertilizer

Pure Black Castings™             VermaPlex®         VermaMax®

Grow the best bamboo with worm castings fertilizer
Digger's bamboo lives!
I fertilize the bamboo every chance I get.  The rest is up to Ol' Bill.

Quick Update on Bamboo

Our clumper bamboo  died back entirely last winter.  But, it came back with the spring and we've been fertilizing, watering and mulching it to get some hardened off growth before the freezes (if we have any) get here.  Good culm growth shows the root system is fully established now.  Should help with surviving the winter.

Bamboo grown with worm castings

There's time for a dose of VermaPlex® to finish out the growing season.  

Bamboo Fertilizer Resources:

Certified organic worm castings and liquid for growing bamboo

About Worm Castings :  Articles and use/application guides.

Pure Black Castings ™:  Certified organic, OMRI listed 99.9% pure worm castings

VermaPlex ®: Liquid soil inoculant made from these organic worm castings

VermaMax®: Organically composted chicken litter.  For extra nitrogen and 6% Calcium.

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