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Friends of The Earth: Coldwater Creek LLC

by Kayce

Originally posted 7-21-09

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There was a song back in the 70's called "I'd Love To Change The World":
"I'd love to change the world,
but I don't know what to do.
So I'll leave it up to you.
A call I received recently from Natalia Ritter of Cold Creek LLC  reminded me of it.  She has taken on the daunting task of turning 360 acres in the Pensacola area into an eco-tourism retreat.

Looks like she's figured out the "what to do" part.  Natalia's focus is on a patch of ground on the property that she describes as "dead:
"There's no organic content to the soil on this particular area.  It's so poor, nothing grows on it but a few scraggly weeds.. it's just dead." she told me.

Apparently parts of the property, beautiful with a creek "running through it" and teeming with wildlife, suffered from an apparent lack of stewardship by the previous owners.  This patch on the property was left bare and untended and allowed to erode  until the ecosystem failed and it lost it's organic viability.

Natalia's goal is not only restoring this "dead zone",  but also maintaining the entire property's ecosystem .  By replanting native plants and trees and enriching the soil, the creek and wildlife that thrive there can be nurtured and sustained. She is using organic methods with compost and organic fertilizers for gardening, farming and landscaping.  In fact, she's excited to start a "worm farm" not only as a way to vermicompost organic waste from  the retreat to supply "castings", but also as one of the "attractions" for guests.

Coldwater Creek

Eco-Friendly and "Green" Retreat

Her plans are to create an eco-retreat with sustainable agriculture and permiculture, where guests can see and experience actual working systems.  In fact, the retreat will provide a place that not only sustains nature, but also restores the soul and educates the mind.

It promises an alternative to the typical vacation.  Instead of the hectic, exhausting theme park, the eco-retreat would offer a serene, restorative return to nature.  There will be activities, as well as nature walks, wildlife observation and, of course, the creek.

Sounds like a "good thing".  I can't wait to visit.  Please check out her website for a list of all the "living eco friendly " amenities and plans.

Living Eco-Friendly

Often it seems overwhelming and impossible when we think of all the damage being done to the environment. How can it possibly be rectified?  We want to give up or let someone else do it. But change, like any other endeavor, can be brought about by breaking it into workable units: you and me.

Rather than rail against the polluters, let's figure out what we can do, do it,  and maybe we'll inspire others to do their part. 

We can use organic methods and products. We can conserve, recycle, compost.  We can support "green business".  We can buy local produce or grow our own.  If I have a yard, I can grow a garden.  If I don't have a yard, I can grow in containers on my patio and on the window sill.  But always with the idea of improving, not just using.

You don't have to be big agri-business to pollute.  There's run-off from lawns and plant containers.  I must be aware of the impact I have and make sure it's positive.  I must never leave a piece of ground bare and always return to the earth what I've taken away.
Natalia's efforts reflect what each of us can aspire to - take care of the "patch" for which we are responsible by practicing good stewardship and using earth-friendly, sustainable methods and products.  When we focus on what we can change, do what we can do, I believe we can - indeed we will  - "change the world".

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