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Fertilizing Container Garden

Fertilizer for vegetables in container garden
Digger digs
holes on demand!
Quick way to replenish your container garden pots.  Quick is good....
Originally posted 9-12-11

Certified organic worm castings for container pots
Pure Black Castings™             VermaPlex®         VermaMax®

Preparing Fall Container Garden

I volunteered to make narrow holes in the potting soil of our self-watering containers, but I was turned down flat. It’s frustrating for one as talented as me in hole-digging to be passed over. Ol’ Bill opted instead for an old sailing tool to do the job. O.K., O.K. I know my holes can’t be classified as “narrow”, but what I lack in precision I make up for in enthusiasm.

Preparing Fall Container Garden

Fertilizing container gardening tips

This is a cool way to add worm castings fertilizer to the potting soil of our self-watering containers without having to dump out the whole she-bang. Drill several narrow holes into the mix, much like you would for tree/shrub fertilizing, and then fill with organic fertilizer. Ol’ Bill pulled out this sailing tool from his bottomless trunk that did the trick.

If you don't possess one of these uncommon tools, you can make one by cutting off a baseball bat up from the narrow end. Round off the end.  It should reach down 2/3 of the container depth.

Adding Organic Fertilizer to Containers

After drilling the holes, Ol’ Bill filled them with 50/50 mixture of Pure Black Castings™ and VermaMax®. He added VermaPlex® to the water reservoir and let it perk. Our containers are now ready for planting those heirloom tomato seedlings we picked up from the old-timers.
Next, our heirloom tomatoes and the yurt pics as promised. For now, I think I’ll go practice “precision hole digging”.

Container Garden Fertilizer Resources:

Certified organic worm castings and liquid fertilizer for containers
About Worm Castings :  Articles and use/application guides.

Pure Black Castings ™:  Certified organic, OMRI listed 99.9% pure worm castings

VermaPlex ®: Liquid soil inoculant made from these organic worm castings

VermaMax®: Organically composted chicken litter.  For extra nitrogen and 6% Calcium.

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