Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fertilizing Blueberries

Love those blueberries.  Let's make 'em grow...
Originally posted 2-3-11

Pure Black Castings™             VermaPlex®         VermaMax®

Digger sometimes fertilizes the blueberries, too.

Fertilizing Blueberries in Florida

It's February in Florida and time to fertilize the blueberries .  Last summer we had tremendous bush growth and harvest  after applying Pure Black Castings© and VermaPlex®.   This year, we're adding something new:  VermaMax®.
(You know, of course, that when I say "we", I mean " ol' Bill"....right?)

Blueberry Fertilizer Mix

And what a great time to fertilize them!  We've got a seemingly stalled front stretching across us that is putting down, soft (and sometimes not-so-soft)  intermittent rain.  It's a nice thing that "we" applied our fertilizer to the blueberries a couple of days ago.  It's being washed in even as we speak.

Now for the mix.  "We" mixed a ratio of 2 cups VermaMax® to  6 cups Pure Black Castings™ and spread about 2 cups of this fertilizer mixture around each blueberry plant.  VermaMax®, which is  chicken manure that has had a microbe face-lift from VermaPlex®, is hotter than just plain castings, so care should be taken when applying it to young plants.

I'll be posting the complete low-down on VermaMax® shortly.

Let The Blueberry Fertilizer Perk

In about two weeks, "we'll" add an application of VermaPlex® around each plant and that should do it for our blueberries until fall.
And now, I (not "we") find that the soft gentle rain is lulling me (again, not "we") into my usual morning doze and I am (not "we are") slowly loosing consciousness...z-z-z-z-z-z...good job, Bill....z--z---z----z-----z,,,,,,,

Blueberry Fertilizer Resources:

Certified Organic Blueberry Fertilizer
About Worm Castings :  Articles and use/application guides.
Pure Black Castings ™:  Certified organic, OMRI listed 99.9% pure worm castings
VermaPlex ®: Liquid soil inoculant made from these organic worm castings
VermaMax®: Organically composted chicken litter.  For extra nitrogen and 6% Calcium.

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