Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fall Lawn Fertilizing

It's a good time to fertilize your lawn
As for lawn fertilizing, I do my share. It just comes natural.   Now, here's what you can do.

Originally posted 9-24-11

Organic grass lawn fertilizers
Pure Black Castings™             VermaPlex®         VermaMax®

Worm castings for slow release lawn fertilizer
Digger fertilizes lawns!
It's fall and you know what that means...time to fertilize and re-seed the lawn. Why? Because fall and winter is the time for roots to build and  fragile seedlings to get a start before next summer's heat.  
Of course, I work none-stop all year long on my contribution to the grass and pasture fertilizing, but I can only do-do so much.  I need some help. 

Fall Lawn Fertilizer Check List

Things to consider in the fall:
  • Soil Test.
    Now's a great time to send a soil sample to your state's agricultural extension office for testing.  You'll see what your soil is lacking and fix it.
  • Apply organic compost or worm castings.
    They will slow release throughout the fall and winter, strengthening your grass's root system for a great start come Spring.
  • Add microbes.
    Microbes will work on this organic content (compost and/or castings), releasing nutrients for your grass.
  • Aerate.
    If you have heavy or clayey soils, aerate before adding the compost/castings.
  • Over-seed or re-seed now.
    The young grass seedlings have time to establish themselves before the drying, hot sun of late spring and summer arrive.
Healthy well-fed grass out competes weeds and eliminates the need for herbicides.  Pests are reduced, which eliminates the need for pesticides.  Your lawn grass will thrive as you contribute to a safer planet.
Uh...will you excuse me for  just a second?  I really must do my part in this grass fertilizing project, pronto....

Fall Lawn Fertilizer Resources:

Certified Organic Grass Lawn Turf Fertilizer
How To Your Lawn :  Guides and Application Instructions.

Pure Black Castings ™:  Certified organic, OMRI listed 99.9% pure worm castings

VermaPlex ®: Add microbes with this liquid soil inoculant made from these organic worm castings

Lawn Fertilizer Combination:  Convenient and saves on shipping.
Other Resources

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