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Fall - It's Best Time To Fertilize Grass

Fall Fertilize Grass
When is the best time to fertilize grass?  It may surprise you.....

Originally posted 11-18-13

Organic Turf Grass Fertilizer
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Fertilize grass with worm castings
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It may seem counterintuitive (I love that word), but fall is the best time to fertilize your grass.  Yeah, yeah, I know.  The summer growth has stopped.  But grass isn't just about the green stuff that you see.  The roots, the parts you don't see,  are probably the most important requirement for healthy grass.  And grass needs to concentrate on root growth over the winter months.  And, just like my brain needs protein to concentrate, grass needs fertilizer.

Fertilize grass and turf with organic worm castings

Grass Fertilizer Schedule

Call it turf, lawn, pasture - it's all grass. A good dose of slow release, organic fertilizer after all that hard work of growing through the summer is just what your grass needs to recover it's strength.  Renewed, it can concentrate on expanding and deepening the root system over the winter, making your grass healthier and stronger for next summer's heat.

What's the best way to provide slow release organic fertilizer and at the same time give your grass a good dose of  nutrients right away? In a nutshell, apply Pure Black Castings™ followed by VermaPlex® in the spring.  Then apply VermaPlex® again in two weeks. In the fall, apply VermaPlex® (if you didn't do the spring worm castings application, do it now).  Here are fertilizer application instructions in a convenient chart: Turf Lawn Fertilizer Schedule.

Following this lawn-turf-grass fertilizing regime will not only produce lush, healthy grass, but vastly improve your soil's micro-biotic life and tilth.

The worm castings  provide slow release, organic fertilizer, contain microbes to keep your soil alive and healthy, and help retain moisture.  The VermaPlex® proves immediate nutrition.  And thus eliminating the one slam against organic fertilizer made by chemical fertilizer proponents: organic fertilizer, being "slow", doesn't make nutrients available to the plants fast enough.
So there...

Organic Grass Fertilizers

Certified organic worm castings for grass

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