Thursday, June 5, 2014

European Nightcrawlers For Composting

If you thought there are worms for fishing and worms for composting, think again.

Originally posted 6-23-09

Make Compost with European Nightcrawlers
"I like worms of ALL flavors!"

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European Night Crawlers Work Great in Your Worm Compost Bin 

The European Nightcrawler (Eisenia hortensis) is a relatively new worm that is gaining popularity as a fantastic fishing worm.  But, it's use as a composting worm may have been overlooked.

Because of it's propensity to crawl (it is, after all, a night CRAWLER), most people wouldn't consider adding this worm to their worm compost bin.   It's a fact that all  worms crawl, and the European nightcrawler  is somewhat more likely to crawl, if conditions in the worm bin aren't favorable.

But, if you keep your bin healthy, you can get very good results by using European night crawlers.  One benefit is they will eat bigger chunks of composting materials - like cardboard - than the smaller red worm.  Although slower to breed, you have the potential of growing your own fishing bait worm as well as producing rich castings and vermicompost for your garden.

More European Night Crawler Facts:

These night crawlers, as with most other worms, are called by different names:
  • Dendrobaena veneta
  • Belgium  Red Worm
  • Super Worm
  • Dutch Nightcrawler
  • Big Red
  • Carolina Crawler
  • Giant Redworm
 The European nightcrawler was introduced into the U.S in the late 1990's.  It grows to 3" to 5" inches and as thick as a pencil, making it bigger than the too-small red worm, yet smaller than the too-big Canadian nightcrawler.  Because of it's size, it is fast becoming the worm of choice by many anglers.  With it's adaptability to the worm compost bin, it's promises to become popular with vermicomposters as well.

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