Thursday, June 5, 2014

EarthWorms in Your Garden

Make compost in your garden with earthworms
Take a break and put earthworms to work in your garden.  They never take breaks from creating compost.

Originally posted 7-9-12

Organic fertilizers and earthworms for your garden
Earthworms For Composting                            Organic Fertilizer

Digger is a fan of earthworms
Digger is a fan of earthworms...very tasty!

Add Earthworms to Your Garden

If you want to improve your gardens aeration and create compost right in your garden, add earthworms.  Earthworms not only breakdown mulch and manures, they also leave behind nutrient rich castings.

Here is how:
  • Cover your garden area with organic material and mulch.  Worms need the cover and they need the food.  If they are exposed to the sun and there nothing to feed on, they will simply crawl away.  Wouldn't you?
  • Keep the garden soil and mulch moist.  The worms can't survive in dry conditions.
  • Keep the garden from being soggy.  Worms can't survive in overly wet conditions.  Get it? They need in JUST RIGHT.
  • To calculate how many worms you will need, add 8-10 worms per square foot.
  • Don't add the worms when it's excessively hot.
  • Use a mix of European Nightcrawlers and Red Worms.  European nightcrawlers are burrower and will aerate the soil.  Red worms stay in the upper area beneath the organic material, but are slightly better composters.  You can use either one or the other as well.
  • Avoid chemicals and pesticides (which you do already, right?).  Worms are highly susceptible to toxins in the environment.
So there you are, nothing to it really.  Add worms to your garden and create compost without any distribution work on your part.  That's the part I like.

Earthworm Resources:

Red worms and European night crawlers

Red Worms

European Nightcrawlers

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