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Composting Worms

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Originally posted 6-22-09

How to vermicompost
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Vermicomposting Series:

First Entry: Vermicomposting Guide (Introduction to me and my friends)
Second Entry: Red Worms for Composting

Other Types of Composting Worms

As I mentioned, there are other compost worms out there besides  Red Worms.  One such compost worm is the exotic sounding India Blue worm.

Indian Blue

India Blue worms (Perionyx excavatus) come from Asia  and are used extensively in Hawaii for composting.  They prefer warmer temperatures, so they're probably not good for outdoor compost bins in the more northern climates.

These worms eat large amounts of organic materials and are prolific breeders.  Consequently, there are becoming very popular on worm farms. They are second only to Red Worms (Eisenia fetida) in popularity for use in worm composting.

Other names for India Blue worms:  
  • Blue Worms
  • Indian Blues
  • Malaysian Blue Worms
  • The Traveler
The name "traveler" refers to this worm's sensitivity to changes in worm bin conditions.  They will attempt to leave if there's an unfavorable change in their growing environment, so a secure lid, like the one that comes with "The Friendly Worm Habitat", is recommended when using these types of worms for vermicomposting.

Next..... European Nightcrawlers

No, they're not just for fishing.

Composting Worms Resources:

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