Thursday, June 5, 2014

July Bulbs: Start Daylilies

Start Daylillies
Daylillies, Daylillies. Get your free Daylillies here!  No, not here, rather, there, in your own flower garden...

Originally posted 7-13-12

Organic fertilizers for Daylillies
Pure Black Castings            VermaPlex             VermaMax

Digger digs Daylillies
Digger digs Daylilies

Start New Plants With Daylily Offshoots

See those little daylilies growing off from the sides of your plants?  Snap them off and transplant to expand your garden for free.  Here's how.
  • Fill 5 inch containers with potting soil mix.
  • Break offshoots off when several leaves develop and there are some rudimentary roots forming.
  • Plant deep enough to keep the plants upright.
  • Moisten with VermaPlex ®mix (1 part VermaPlex® to 20 parts water) to stimulate root growth.
  • Place transplants into full-sun.
  • Check daily and water if needed.
  • Roots will begin growing rapidly.
  • Apply VermaPlex®/water mixture in two weeks.
  • Transplant into your garden in the fall or early spring.
And there you go - expand your daylily garden for free.

Certified Organic Bulbs Fertilizer:

Certified Organic Bulbs Fertilizer

Pure Black Castings™:  Certified Organic Worm Castings created using only organic materials.
VermaMax®:  Chicken Litter organically composted using VermaPlex®.
VermaPlex®:  Created from Certified Organic Pure Black Castings™.  Innoculate your garden soil and your compost heap.
Organic Fertilizer Information: Find use/application guides and Monroe Works.

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