Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bamboo Plants Update


As promised, here are the bamboo plants as they look so far this summer.

Our Giant Bamboo Plants Are A-Growin'

The two  images below are  the bamboo plants from the previous post as they look to date.  You know, the ones we put down by the barn.  That's what the electric fence is about.  Horses LOVE bamboo.  If we want to see the bamboo live to a ripe old age, we'll have to keep the horses away from them.

Growing Running Plants in Florida

And another wide shot....

How to grow and fertilize bamboo plants

Remember, this is the growth from the single plant circled in red and last summer's growth shown here...

Transplanting bamboo plants
Bamboo plant as it looked last summer.

So this year,  we have about 40 canes grown out about 30 feet in both directions from the original red-circled bamboo plant.  The bamboo canes are running along the horse manure, castings and liquid fertilizer applications. No canes grow out towards the barn (and that's a good thing, they would be gobbled up!)

The image below are of the bamboo plants we planted in the other pasture as they are to date....

We put in four bamboo plants at this location last summer, so the cane growth is much thicker,  The manure and fertilizer was added to a very large, square area, so the stand is much wider.  The shorter canes shown here came up first and are about 7-8 feet tall.  The newest canes coming up are now reaching 10-11 feet tall.

The shoots emerged in very early spring (actually, in February) as soon as it warmed up.  We got a couple of frosts, but we covered up the tender young shoots to prevent damage.  Even though this bamboo variety, Moso, is cold hardy, the young shoots are susceptible to frost until they harden off.  

Because we get late frosts in the spring and early frosts in the fall, followed and preceded by warm temperatures, we must vigilantly keep these early and late shoots protected.

Next...Our Bamboo Plant Fertilizing Regime

Bamboo Plant Fertilizers

Grow Bamboo with organic worm castings fertilizer
  • Pure Black Castings™:  Certified Organic, OMRI listed worm castings. Slow release fertilizer for bamboo.
  • VermPlex®:  Certified Organic liquid soil inoculant made from these worm castings.  Foliar feed for instant nutrition, drench for root growth and health.

Together, they take care of your soil.

Click here for information on these results using organic bamboo fertilizers.

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