Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bamboo Plant Update

Originally posted 5-8-09

Growing Bamboo

Looks like this one bamboo plant might make it (remember what it looked like?).  There's a shoot coming up!  And, the green seems to be creeping up the old stalks.

Organic fertilizer worm castings for growing bamboo

Can Worm Castings Do it Again?

The bamboo plant next to this one is still not producing anything.  It was my control plant to compare with.  I'll treat it as well now and see if anything happens.  Can this other bamboo be saved?

Growing Bamboo with worm compost

A closer look.......

Fertilize bamboo with organic worm castings fertilizer

This bamboo looks less healthy than the first one.  It may be too late, we'll see.

Next.....Setting Up a Worm Composting Bin

Certified Organic Bamboo Fertilizer Resources:

Organic Worm Castings to Fertilize Bamboo

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VermaMax®:  Chicken Litter organically composted using VermaPlex®.

VermaPlex®:  Created from Certified Organic Pure Black Castings™.
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